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"From Me to We"

Being born with a congenital retinal disorder called Cone Dystrophy that restricts my eye sight to just 7% of normal vision, did not stop me from having a normal childhood. Thanks to my parents and siblings who treated me as a perfectly normal individual, it is through their backing that I found the belief and ability to lead a life like any other person.

Be it education or other extracurricular activities, I always found myself amongst conventionally abled peers learning to do things as all conventional folks do. This helped me blossom into an adult with a sense of completion, capability and confidence that erased any sense of short-coming, disability and limit to my self-worth.

The path was paved for me to walk and discover myself and the world around in all it's multiversal existentialism. The knowledge, experience, and awareness I gained aroused deep insights from the caverns of my heart, the recesses of my mind, and the sanctum of being that was further guided by the wisdom of my revered mentors and elders. This is how I discovered the nature of my being; the purpose of my existence, and the role thal I am here to play as a social entrepreneur.

It is in utmost humility, gratitude and with a overwhelming sense of good fortune that I can say. this journey of Me began, continues, and shall always be a journey of We - those people have touched my life in so many ways, and helped shape my vision for a life that serves the cause ol the betterment ofs society.

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This is to acknowledge your letter addressed to the President of India detailing the Contingency Medical Facility arranged during his visit to Mumbai on November 2004.

The President has seen the Report and appreciated the arrangements made.

With best wishes.

R K Prasad
Private Secretary to the President
Rashtrpati Bhawan
February 17, 2005

I take this opportunity to place my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for your love, respect and support to me in our determined efforts to make Mumbai a better and safe place.

In a short stint of eventful activities for about 11/2 years, we collectively could do some of the landmark initiatives like the Social Media Lab, the Mission Mrityunjaya in schools and colleges, Grievances Redressal Day, some laudable measures for the security of women and augmentation in welfare measures for the police personnel, improving police-public relations, etc.

Dr. Satya Pal Singh
Commisioner of Police Mumbai
January 31, 2014

We thank you for your participation and support in our "Say No to Plastics" campaign. Your effort illustrates people's power to positively change our environment and the future.

We hope our joint effort to set the stage for a low plastic footprint in the city with the Cleanup drive at the beautiful Vashi Mini Sea shore on April 14, 2013, will go a long way to generate awareness and bringing behavioral change among the citizens of Navi Mumbai.

Nitin Chaudhry
Business Head
Hindustan Times

In you I have found a, rare combination of
Sincerity and Dynamism
Volunteer and Leader
Concern and Courage
Enthusiam and Execution

Wishing you all the very best.

Dr. Prakash Bora


Social Entrepreneur and Advisor

Driving change from the grassroots

I am keenly interested in participating with people and programs aimed at social development and societal improvement. I believe my organizational abilities, experience, and personal interest in this domain are an ideal asset to drive such initiatives.

Co-operate Strategist

I enjoy playing bridging the corporate to co-operate gap. Putting experts together and creating a network that can collaborate between the two worlds can lead to creative outcomes that can benefit both the business and the society it resides in. I am passionate about orchestrating this movement.


Leading by example

I believe that motivation starts from within. I am happy to address a willing audience, to inspire from personal experiences, and to convince them that they need no one but themselves to move ahead, and stay ahead.

Lets Network

If you are seeking an advice on any program, want to learn more about my initiatives or want to get in touch for any other notable social cause, contact me at...


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